Truth About Ismāʿīlī Gināns

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Ismaili Ginan glorifying Sukhdev, son of the sage Vyasa (credited as the organizer of the Vedas and Puranas) and the main narrator of the Bhagavata Purana. Aga Khan has endorsed Ginans as the interpretation of Quran.

Ginans (devotional songs in Indian languages) are the basis and foundation of Ismailism. Disputing the preaching of a Ginan by a Ismaili would be similar in significance to the contradiction of the teachings of the Quran by a believing Muslim. Any study of the Ismaili Tariqah, without the study of the origins of Ginans and their influence upon Ismailis, would be an incomplete study.

Who Wrote The Ginans?

Forefathers of the present day Khoja Ismailis were converted by Pirs (پیر) from Hinduism with the Ginanic preaching.

“Pir” is a Persian word. It means Murshid, Guru, an authorized teacher. For a Ismaili, the teachings of a Pir are to be obeyed, word for word.

Al-Waez Abualy A. Aziz…

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The Secret Life of the Aga Khan

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Aga in Waiting Cover

When the flamboyant Aga Khan, regarded as a ‘living god’ by his 15 million Islamic followers, collided with a snowboarder on the slopes of Courchevel last year, and was flown to hospital in Boston with serious injuries, the incredibly delicate issue of his succession was raised for the first time. As a result, the accident was kept secret for more than two months and hospital staff were under instructions not to disclose the identity of their famous patient.

The Aga Khan, 71, made a full recovery, but ever since his advisers have been quietly focusing on the suitability of his eldest son Prince Rahim, 36, to inherit the title (although, ultimately, it is the Aga Khan’s decision).

Known jokingly as ‘Jesus’ or ‘the Son of God’ by his friends, the Prince is intelligent, capable and charismatic, but has inherited his father’s taste for the high life. ‘There some anxiety about…

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Majālis, Mandlis and the Rejection of Zakāt in Ismā‘īlīsm

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Zakat-my-zakat-2.5Like other pillars of Islam, zakat is rejected in Ismailism. Instead, the followers of Aga Khan are required to pay something called dasond (دسوند). Unlike in Islam, where zakat is paid yearly on savings at the rate of 2.5% per annum, dasond is paid to Aga Khan monthly on earnings at the rate of 12.5% – 25% per month depending upon the level of membership a Ismaili holds in the Jamat.

1. What is Dasond?

The word dasond is a derivation from das-ans or das-ant, which means “tenth part”. A contribution of 10% means dasond. To this, a share of 2.5% is added for the current pir (پیر). In Ismailism, the shah (شاہ), which means the current Imām, is responsible for collecting the 10% dasond while the current pir is responsible for collecting 2.5% of his share. The present Aga Khan claims to be both the shah, as well…

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How Dasond, Mehmani and Donations are used by Hazar Imam: Stunning Facts Revealed by Toronto Star and Bloomberg

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One of Canada’s most reputed news source, The Toronto Star has reported Aga Khan Foundation for “lack of transparency” and as one of the charities which do not release their audited financial statements to the public and refused to provide them to an independent agency that evaluates charities. The report can be seen here:

Aga Khan Foundation is ‘ethically’ bound, if not legally

Charities are not legally bound to disclose their audited financial statements to the public, but it is considered ethical to do so because they take in public dollars, said Greg Thomson, director of research for

enough cash for 8 yearsWhen requested Canada Revenue Agency to dig up the The Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), it was revealed that Aga Khan Foundation had “enough cash-in-hand to operate for up to 8 years without raising even a single penny.”

This is a staggering amount of cash-in-hand, and something major to consider…

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Wine into Water: Ismāʿīlī Imamat’s Guidance on Alcohol Consumption

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Aga Khan IV at a party with a table full of champagne and wine.Aga Khan IV with a table full of champagne and wine.

Aga Khan, who claims to be a Muslim leader and a self-proclaimed direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), owns a chain of luxury 5-star hotels known as Serena Hotels ( where alcohol is openly sold in the bars of these hotels.

For a list of hotels owned by Hazar Imam where alcohol is sold openly, click here.

Teradata Magazine featuring Teradata Magazine Q4 2014 cover featuring the Berry Bros. case study.

Recently, Britain’s oldest wine retailer, Berry Bros. & Rudd, featured in the Teredata magazine’s edition of Q4, 2014 mentions it’s proud history by mentioning it’s largest customer. Among the top three of them, is none other than the Aga Khan. Here are the pages from the Berry Bros. case study which is titled Cheers to the Customer. It is mentioned that “The traditional British wine retailer builds a solid customer base…

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