Institute of Ismaili Studies shames their own Imam in “Advent of the Fatimids”

Inside Ismailism

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Every Ismāʿīlī child is made to believe that Fatimid period was a glorious one when sciences, arts, social justice and tolerance reached their peak and after the decline in Fatimid rule, ʾIslām has been on the decline and never recovered its glorious past. In this article, we discuss publication by the Institute of Ismāʿīlī Studies of the book The Advent of the Fatimids, which is a direct English translation of Ibn al-Haytham’s Kitab al-Munazarat (‘The Book of Discussions’). This book is enough to debunk the lies which are taught to Ismāʿīlī children in their Religious Education Centers (REC) by Ismāʿīlī teachers by producing evidence of how (Sunni) Muslims were tortured and prosecuted in the Fatimid era and how was the freedom to practice their religion was taken away from (Sunni) Muslims by the Fatimid Ismailis.

This article has the following sections:

  1. Background of the Publication
  2. Evidence of Torture and Persecution of Sunni…

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