Esotericism in the Ismāʿīli Tradition Part II: Tawil of Allah and the system of four roots

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Esoterism in the Ismaili Tradition Part II Cover

Continuing our research into the deception of esotericism, let us go back to theological sources and find the definitions for both esotericism (the hidden reality) and exoterism (the external or the apparent).

Finding the Definition of Esotericism and Exotericism from Theological Sources

The definitions of exotericism (ẓâhir) and esoteric (bāṭen or taʾwīl) vary, the concepts are full of contradictions and many theologians have tried to explain this concept without using much reason and logic. The following important questions occur for while explaining the concept of taʾwīl :

1. What is taʾwīl or bāṭeni interpretation?
2. Who is entitled to provide taʾwīl or bāṭeni interpretations and what is the source of his authority?
3. To whom the taʾwīl or bāṭeni interpretation is provided?
4. What are the consequences of the answers to the above three questions?

Is Taʾwīl exclusive to Ismāʿīlīsm?

Every major world religion is tainted by…

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3 thoughts on “Esotericism in the Ismāʿīli Tradition Part II: Tawil of Allah and the system of four roots

  1. Tawil in Ismailism is just one. Using the fake Id for the cult created by the fake Imam. Ismailism has nothing to do with Islam.
    Ismailism is a mixture of Sikhism and Hinduism that is identified by its religious rituals, Hindu prayers and singing of Ginans-Hindu Bhajans instead of Quran.
    In Ismailism Agakhanis go, in Islam ust one One Creator-GOD-Allah.

    In Ismailism you pray to fake Imam and ask him to give you all the good.
    You pay him cash to forgive your sins. You pay him to get a sip water -so-called holy water touched by the Agakhan and pay him for a teaspoon of cooked Semolina to get his blessings.
    Also buy the tickets to enter Paradise owned by him as his claim.

    Salaam/peace from Ex-Ismaili

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