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In 1991, Sadruddin Kabani was caught red-handed smuggling more than a million dollars in cash along the US-Canadian border. The money was destined for Aga Khan through Tajuddin Kurji of Aga Khan Foundation Canada and was collected from the Ismāʿīlī community in the name of dasond, mehmani, majlis memberships and various other religious contributions.

The matter was escalated by the Canadian border security to the United States police who then went on a trail of more than US$100 million being smuggled for Aga Khan from North America to his Swiss bank accounts in Lloyd’s Bank in Geneva through top-ranked Ismaili community members such as Tajuddin Kurji.

Taj Ismail was used as a courier by Tajuddin Kurji. Between 1980 and 1988, Taj Ismail deposited US $ 65 million for transferring to Switzerland. Nizam Allibhai, the brother-in-law of Kurji performed similar duties in the US as a courier and often…

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One thought on “God’s Money

  1. Agakhan’s religious and financial fraud, lying, cheating, deceiving and breach of trust: are as high as Mountains. He should be put in prison.


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