Hazar Imam’s Birthday “Salgirah Mubarak” in Light of The Quran

Inside Ismailism

Ismailis celebrate birthday of Aga Khan as known as Salgirah Mubarak as a Ismaili religious ceremony with intention of getting hasanaat (thawab or reward). Ismailis celebrate Salgirah day by playing dandiya, raas, dancing with blaring music being played in the background, intermingling of sexes etc are unislamic practices whose impermissibility  needs no elaboration.

Ismailis adopt dressing that resemble with the dressing of the actors and actresses of Bollywood. Dresses worn by certain actors in certain films are ordered or custom made on a huge cost which is just a waste of money. Ismaili women and girls spend hours in the beauty parlor to get there hair done and face made up, men try their utmost to look younger and young boys adopt the latest fashion whose ultimate goals are to attract opposite sexes during these festivities, leading to zina or adultery.

Dandiya Raas

Dandiya Raas is a type of a dance…

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