Truth About Ismāʿīlī Gināns

Inside Ismailism

Ismaili Ginan glorifying Sukhdev, son of the sage Vyasa (credited as the organizer of the Vedas and Puranas) and the main narrator of the Bhagavata Purana. Aga Khan has endorsed Ginans as the interpretation of Quran.

Ginans (devotional songs in Indian languages) are the basis and foundation of Ismailism. Disputing the preaching of a Ginan by a Ismaili would be similar in significance to the contradiction of the teachings of the Quran by a believing Muslim. Any study of the Ismaili Tariqah, without the study of the origins of Ginans and their influence upon Ismailis, would be an incomplete study.

Who Wrote The Ginans?

Forefathers of the present day Khoja Ismailis were converted by Pirs (پیر) from Hinduism with the Ginanic preaching.

“Pir” is a Persian word. It means Murshid, Guru, an authorized teacher. For a Ismaili, the teachings of a Pir are to be obeyed, word for word.

Al-Waez Abualy A. Aziz…

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