Wine into Water: Ismāʿīlī Imamat’s Guidance on Alcohol Consumption

Inside Ismailism

Aga Khan IV at a party with a table full of champagne and wine.Aga Khan IV with a table full of champagne and wine.

Aga Khan, who claims to be a Muslim leader and a self-proclaimed direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), owns a chain of luxury 5-star hotels known as Serena Hotels ( where alcohol is openly sold in the bars of these hotels.

For a list of hotels owned by Hazar Imam where alcohol is sold openly, click here.

Teradata Magazine featuring Teradata Magazine Q4 2014 cover featuring the Berry Bros. case study.

Recently, Britain’s oldest wine retailer, Berry Bros. & Rudd, featured in the Teredata magazine’s edition of Q4, 2014 mentions it’s proud history by mentioning it’s largest customer. Among the top three of them, is none other than the Aga Khan. Here are the pages from the Berry Bros. case study which is titled Cheers to the Customer. It is mentioned that “The traditional British wine retailer builds a solid customer base…

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