Majālis, Mandlis and the Rejection of Zakāt in Ismā‘īlīsm

Inside Ismailism

Zakat-my-zakat-2.5Like other pillars of Islam, zakat is rejected in Ismailism. Instead, the followers of Aga Khan are required to pay something called dasond (دسوند). Unlike in Islam, where zakat is paid yearly on savings at the rate of 2.5% per annum, dasond is paid to Aga Khan monthly on earnings at the rate of 12.5% – 25% per month depending upon the level of membership a Ismaili holds in the Jamat.

1. What is Dasond?

The word dasond is a derivation from das-ans or das-ant, which means “tenth part”. A contribution of 10% means dasond. To this, a share of 2.5% is added for the current pir (پیر). In Ismailism, the shah (شاہ), which means the current Imām, is responsible for collecting the 10% dasond while the current pir is responsible for collecting 2.5% of his share. The present Aga Khan claims to be both the shah, as well…

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