Who was Imam Ala Zikrihis Salam?

Inside Ismailism

Foundation of the Ismaili Faith is based upon Karim Aga Khan having an unbroken hereditary link with  Ali (ra) who was appointed as Mawla. Ismailis recite in their Holy Dua (daily prayers), the names of their 49 Imams, the consecutive descendants of Ali (ra). Ismailis claim that this uninterrupted lineage for the last 1400 years is the proof of Karim Aga Khan’s constitutional right to the throne of Imamat by the way of designation (nass), generation after generation from an Imam to the  previous legitimate Imam. By virtue of these alleged uninterrupted designations, Karim Aga Khan has enjoyed the full authority of governance over and in respect of all religious and community matters of Ismailis.

In the following article, we examine the mysteriously absent account of three imams of the Nizari Ismailis, focusing on imam Hadi and then we look at who was Ala Zikrihis Salam and why his is…

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