Ali is true Allah – Says Aga Khan I

Bismillahir Rahamanir Rahim

Aga Khan 1


Following is one of the old farman from previous Aga Khan I where he says Ali is true Allah (Astagfirllah). Now you can imagine the cult of these fake Imams whose sole purpose was just to collect the money and preach falsehood in return.

I have included the scan of the Farman which is in Gujarati language and have tried my best to translate the highlighted part of it in English.

Rough Translation :

O congregation, other religions which like are earthen vessels. Whereas yours Sathpanth religion is like best gold.
Sathpanthi is the best incarnation, other than it are free and wanderers.

Whoever (believer) will give dashond with sincerity and love, we will take care of his 71 generations so [be regular] in your dashond.

Whenever you come to Jamatkhana and say “ALI IS REAL ALLAH” then the benefit of it reaches till Sky.
Whoever takes name of Peer Shah once, the benefit of it is greater than the diamonds, pearls and Rubies of this world.

————————————END OF TRANSLATION———————————————–

and Allah says in Quran  :

“And whoever invents about Allah untruth after that – then those are [truly] the wrongdoers.” (Quran 3 :94)

Images :

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Abu Dharr (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said to me, “Shall I tell you the expression that is most loved by Allah?”

It is Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi’ (Allah is free from imperfection and His is the praise)’.” [Sahih Muslim].

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