Aga Khan and Sunnah: The Validity and Importance of Prophetic Traditions

Inside Ismailism

Lately, I have noticed Ismaili missionaries picking up Quranists’ arguments and defending Aga Khan and in turn, modern-day Ismailism, on the basis of these Quranists’ arguments. For the average Ismaili brother who doesn’t know, Quranists are a small group of people who reject the prophetic traditions (called sunnat al-Nabi or just “sunnah” for simplicity) and insist on complying only with the Quran. Quranists have been refuted logically by a vast majority of Muslim scholars as a result of which they have never had a mainstream impact.

The major basis of Quranists’ refutation by mainstream Muslim scholars has been the question of how to establish the method of prayer, method of Hajj, percentage of Zakat and many other issues which are proven only from the prophetic traditions.

For Ismailis the fact that prophetic traditions are needed for establishing these and other Muslim practices acts as an advantage because Ismailis simply reject…

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