Ismailism on Fasting: Saum or Shukravari Beej?

Nice article on Ismaili version of Fasting… Must read.

Inside Ismailism

Ismailis, the followers of Karim al-Husaini or the “Aga Khan”, govern their religious practices in accordance with the ginans (religious hymns) of their pirs and the farmans of their Imams. As with all other doctrines of Ismailism, some Ismailis today might claim that they fast throughout the month of Ramadhan, or otherwise depending on who is asking the question and who is answering.

The Resurrection – Abrogation of Saum in 1164 C.E.

Historically, it is recorded that on the 17th day of Ramadan, 559 A.H. (8 August 1164) – the anniversary of the murder of Hazrat Ali (ra) – Hasan II, a representative of the Ismaili Imam made the following historical declaration at Alamut:

“The Imam of our time has sent you his blessing and his compassion, and has called you his special chosen servants. He has freed you from the burden of the rules of Holy Law (Shari’a), and…

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